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  • Rome Series: 05 - Basics Class

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    This class will walk you through some basic and accessible yoga poses to leave your body feeling great! We will practice slow and methodically so that you feel both as strong as you are flexible and as flexible as you are strong, with some improvements on both ends of the spectrum.
    If you like m...

  • Rome Series: 04

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    Stress gets a bad rap, but it is actually a necessary part of our lives. In fact, you wouldn't even be here if it weren't for some level of stress. It's worth thinking about how you view and process stress so that, perhaps, you can utilize the more positive aspects of stress to help move you forw...

  • Rome Series: 03

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    This special class was filmed in the gorgeous Villa Borghese Gardens in Rome. The audio was recorded prior to the video in the apartment. So there are a few moments where I make reference to props that are only imaginary in the video (you'll get the idea). Yogahour sequence 4 is on deck. Enjoy!

  • Rome Series: 02

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    Sometimes in life you really just have to GO FOR IT! Crossing the streets in Rome has been a good reminder of this for me. This is a full-spectrum class with a lot of power and fun. If you’ve been enjoying my classes in person recently, you’ll love this one too. I’ve also created a playlist calle...

  • Rome Series: 01

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    Yoga is an opportunity to create space, both in your body and mind. In this class we practice yogahour sequence 1. I've also created a playlist called "Romano" in my Spotify account (Teagan Schweitzer, which is public) that you can play along with the class. Enjoy!